BOOK REVIEW: Sweet Little Thing (Sweet Thing #1.5) by Renee Carlino



Ever wonder what happened after the final pages of Sweet Thing?

From his candid and sometimes neurotic point of view, Will tells all in this musical and sexy follow-up novella to Renée Carlino’s USA Today Bestseller.

Life is pure bliss for Mia and Will. They have a puppy, a loft in Brooklyn, and a new music studio on the rise. It seems things couldn’t get any better for this talented couple when life decides to throw them a sweet little curve ball.

They quickly learn that things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes happily ever after is one giant leap of faith away.  With the help of good music, good friends, and one eccentric old lady, they overcome a few of life’s little bumps to find the sweetest thing of all.

Watch this duo grow in more ways than one in SWEET Little THING.

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Blia’s Review:

5 Billion + Stars

To say I love this novella is an understatement.  I think I’m about to have the biggest book hangover.  I’m just not ready say good bye to Will and Mia yet.  I want more of their story.

What can I say so I don’t give away any spoilers?  If you’ve read Sweet Thing, you know this novella takes place before, during and after the epilogue in Sweet Thing.  Told from Will’s POV, we get to see Will and Mia as a couple living in their loft, producing music and potty training their dog June.

Mia has grown into herself.  She’s a different Mia, still a likeable Mia but a different Mia from the Mia we’ve met and got to know in Sweet Thing.  Will is still his funny, charming self, full of humor.  He is truly a sweet guy and just honestly loves Mia with every breath that he takes.  The feelings he has for her is as deep as the ocean.  You know he’ll go to the ends of the earth for her no matter what.  Kind of makes you wish you were his Mia.

“When we were together, kissing and touching, it was like playing music.  She always knew what move to make, like she was subconsciously counting beats from a sheet of music.  We were always so in sync that it felt like we’d been together for centuries, but in a good way.  I was convinced we had lived twenty thousand lives, and in each one, we had found each other, like two tiny magnets in a drawer the size of the universe.  She and I fit and moved together with such ease, I couldn’t imagine ever being with anyone else.” -Will

I love Will and Mia’s story so much!  My heart feels full after reading Sweet Little Thing.   I enjoyed getting a peek at what their naked dinners consist of.  I want to hang out with them during their jam sessions.  I want to be one of their close friends.  I might just want Will to myself too!

I also love their friends Tyler and Jenny as well Martha.  We all need a Martha in our lives.  She’s a wise one, I tell ya.  Tyler and Jenny, their best friends, I’m so glad that things worked out for them.  I was really rooting for their outcome.

In the end, it warms my heart that Will and Mia, although it took them a year to get to where they are, have found their happily ever after.  This book ended perfectly in my opinion with Mia’s POV three years later.  It was the perfect ending.

I learned that you can’t predict your future, there’s no crystal ball or formula for happiness.  You can’t control the weather just like you can’t control the way others behave, but what you can control is how much love you give.  Surrendering to this crazy thing called life is hard, but we don’t have to be the soulless sheets of paper tarrying along in the wind.  We can find our people, love, respect them, and then hang on for dear life because it’s not where you go on this journey but who you’re with that matters the most.” -Mia

I know that every time I hear the words SWEET THING or SWEET LITTLE THING, it’ll always remind me of Will.  It’s a Will thing.