Happy 1 Year Anniversary “Real” by Katy Evans + REAL review


Katy Evans is super awesome! In celebration of Real’s 1 year anniversary , she wrote an exclusive extended ending for her readers =)

“Exactly 1 year ago I clicked “Publish” on Real. And wow, if you’d all seen me that day. I was biting my nails, pacing back and forth, checking my emails, wondering if you guys would read it, feel it, love it like I do? Truly, I could never in my life have imagined how many of you would!

Thank you all SO SO MUCH for an amazing, very REAL and yet very incredible year!!!

And with much gratitude as well as to celebrate today, Gallery Books has made REAL’s extended ending (the full extra chapter from the limited print Target edition) available online to read! Click in the link and thank you, once again, to each and every one of you for your amazing support for these characters and this series. ♥”

P.S. The extended ending begins from the moment in that last REAL scene where Remy tells Brooke “You don’t sing for shit, baby….”






A year ago when Real was published, I was infatuated with Christian Grey so I didn’t get the chance to meet him then. Months later in October, I was browsing through Christina Lauren‘s website and saw an event called Book Ball 2014.  I knew I wasn’t able to attend the event but I wanted to read the books of all the authors that were in attendance.  I soon began my journey of reading, starting with Real by Katy Evans, and Oh. My. God!  I fell in love with Remy instantly.  With his electric blue eyes and his humanity.  Although Remy was considered flawed and imperfect, I thought HE was perfect for me.  I loved how the story proceeded.  I also enjoyed all the secondary characters as well.  And because I waited so long to read Real, I was pretty happy that I was able to read Mine and Remy right after I finished Real.  I love the beginning of their love story as well as the ending of the story.


(okay so it’s more like a letter to Remy)

Remington ‘Riptide’ Tate, what can I say about you that other women hasn’t said yet? I feel like I’m the last one to find you.

Actually if my blogger friend, Gretchen hadn’t gifted me this e-book, it’d probably be awhile before I got a chance to know you. (Thank you Gretchen!)

Remy, you are my first boxer book boyfriend and like your girl Brooke, I completely feel the same way she does about you.

Your flaws, your anger, your dark days it doesn’t scare me at all. It only makes me want to stay and comfort you and love you all the more.

Your parents are wrong about you. They didn’t give you a chance.

But like myself and Brooke and the rest of your entourage and your fans. We see the potential in you. We see that you’re not a monster. You are very human with human errors, human weakness, human illness.

You have a good heart. You love unconditionally. You give willingly. You protect those you love.

I got to know you and I fell in love with you.

And when I listen to I Love You by Avril Lavigne (even though it will always be yours and Brooke’s song) in my heart I know it’s also my song for you 🙂

“The reason I love you, is you being you.”

Thanks again Gretchen for gifting me this e-book. I owe you dearest friend.


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