BOOK REVIEW: SACRED (The Snapped Series #4) by Ketley Allison



Sometimes your first love doesn’t equal your true love.

Jason Sladerman is Charlie’s one. For him, she would adjust to a new city, deal with sudden fame and fandom, and change her life. But never did she think she’d have to tolerate sudden obsession.

Yet that is what Reagan Wescott feels for Charlie’s man. She infiltrated Charlie’s life, made her believe in their friendship, but only to get closer to Slade. Charlie knows, and is finally starting to trust her instincts, that Reagan is manic over him, stalking him, sick over him.

Until the email.

Now Charlie doesn’t know who’s true and who’s false, who loves her and who hates her. Her one true friend, Lara, is too preoccupied with her own love life to notice Charlie’s faltering. Slade’s too involved in proving his innocence to notice the danger. Reagan doesn’t care about anyone but Slade and will do anything to get to him. And Nate wants Charlie so much he turns a blind eye to everything but her.

Their misguided dreams are their greatest mistake. Murder’s on the horizon, and while everyone holds on tight to their sacred wishes, someone uses that chance to sneak by.

And kill.

In Ketley Allison’s fourth installment of the Snapped Novella Series, the question is no longer who will snap, but who did.




OH. MY. GOD. THIS. BOOK! I have to say that Ketley knows how to write a cliffhanger!! HaHaHa *nervous laughter* This book left me anxious!!

The fourth book of the Snapped series is awesome! It has the same intensity of the first three books, or maybe more. The drama in the plot keeps getting better and better. I can’t believe everything that is happening to Charlie. I insist that she needs to get away from those friends of her. I don’t trust Lara one bit. Nate is…. I just can’t believe any word he says *shakes head*. And Reagan is mental!!

On the other hand, Charlie could manage to sort things out with her relationship with Slade, until the craziest thing happened. How was that even possible?? Was Slade capable of that?? Or was It Nate?? O.M.G. Or maybe Lara? *freaking out* The only thing I’m sure about is that it wasn’t Charlie! Oh My God this book is crazy!! BUT I LOVE IT!! Can I please have the next one now??

I loved the descriptions in this book. Not only the places, which were beautiful, but also the action. They were believable and easy to picture in my head. I can’t wait to read the next book of the series.






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7190347Ketley Allison began her career by writing books as birthday presents for her friends (with her friend as the main character and opposite a super sexy lead, of course) before ending it in order to walk down a path she thought she was supposed to follow.

The writing bug never left her—and, in fact, would often bleed into the official papers she was supposed to write—so now Ketley’s putting down her suit and finally following her dream. While her friends are no longer the stars of her books, she still throws in bits and pieces of them into each and every one of her characters.

As a result, her books tend to focus a lot on friendships as well as love, because let’s be honest, friends are what really get you through—especially when your epic love turns into epic heartbreak.

Ketley’s debut indie ebook, DARK SOULS, the first in the Dark Souls Series, is available on Amazon right here and Barnes & Noble.

ENTWINED, Book II in the Dark Souls Series, is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!


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